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Oak City Coffee Roasters  – Who are you? 

We wanted to give Raleigh coffee lovers their own coffee, so this was our chance to build an awesome roasting company to do it.

We spent our first year developing some amazing relationships to source our specialty grade coffees (and learning to roast).  The vision for Oak City Coffee Roasters is simply to roast coffee that will change the world.


Our goals:

– Roast truly remarkable coffees for the people of Raleigh (which also make great souvenirs to take home- hint, hint…)

– Invite people to experience the roasting process with us, first hand, and take home the freshest coffee ever

– Benefit our community in meaningful ways, beginning with including adults with special needs in our operations

– Benefit farmers by using direct, generous trade routes, and replace poverty with prosperity in coffee growing regions where we do business

We think these initial goals make us unique, and, we hope, good enough for people to say “We’re proud to have these guys in our city.”

Finally, and a bit longer range, we see a new kind of business involvement with the local community – one that directly addresses poverty and crime in communities in our own city by supporting existing, and starting up new businesses – to be run, and owned by members of those communities.  We hope to do this by applying best-practices in microfinance, which has worked in third world countries all over the world to facilitate the dreams of the poor.  We have several micro-business ideas that we’ll be implementing as proof-of-concept projects, to address men’s needs we’ve encountered in South Raleigh.  Stay tuned- this is a biggie.  There will be lots of opportunities for readers of this  blog to be a part of this process.

In five years  we’ll:

– Make coffee roasting yet another fun part of what people love about Raleigh.  …Heck, we want to make coffee roasting the new identity of Raleigh!

– Visit many of our farmers, and invite all of Raleigh to join us in supporting community development projects that create opportunities and improve quality of life in coffee growing regions. (That sounds so nice. Really, we want to bring Raleigh’s World-Changers with us, and light fires of hope and prosperity wherever we go!)

– Approach the Triangle business community with a proposition – that a simple act of compassion – like giving a place in your company to someone with special needs- can significantly impact the community for good.  We want to prove it’s possible, we believe it can be a model for business, and that it can make measurable changes in Raleigh and the Triangle.

In short our five year plan is to begin changing the world through coffee. We’re being the change we want to see in the world, starting with filling the air with the aroma of roasting coffee!


Sound good??  Please leave us some comments !  

The more people engaging along the way, the more fun it will be, and seriously, the more impact we’ll all have!  So leave us your comments often!

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