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We’re proud to be offering a brand new coffee directly from the farm of Mario Valiente in Montenegro, El Salvador.  This is the 5th farmer-direct coffee we’re able to add to our lineup. And this is darn amazing quality coffee!

The Valiente family is the owner of Calera Farm. With this crop, Mario introduced the Ethiopian natural processing method as well as a honey processing method.  Both have produced new flavors for coffees coming out of El Salvador.  That’s real innovation.

This kind of innovation is possible through the efforts of many people, but at the root of it, the extra effort has to be worth it in dollars.  We believe by dealing as directly as possible with growers, we can provide a satisfying purchase price, and be sure they’re getting as much of that price directly into their pockets as possible.  This is our part in doing business right.


The coffee of Calera Cafe – the Valiente family farm.