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Wow!  The response to Oak City Nitro in cans has been tremendous!  Thank you!  We launched this awesome concept on Saturday, June 4th, just in time for the summer!   And all summer long we’ll be releasing videos, having periscope adventures, giving away freebies, asking you to post your own Nitro Pour videos, and just loving the Nitro life!   You can use the hash tag #thisiscoffee to get us all together.


Just wanted to take a sec and officially introduce OAK CITY Nitro with an informative blog post.

First things first. We’re about to enter a firestorm of entries into the Nitro Coffee field.  I believe this summer will be the period when Nitro Coffee makes its big debut to the mainstream.   So who do we have to thank for creating this amazing idea in coffee goodness?  None other than Mike McKim of Cuvee Coffee in Austin Texas.  So much goodness coming from Austin.  And now, Raleigh!   Many are working hard to be like Mike- myself included!   Thanks for being awesome, Mike!


Nitro On Tap vs. Nitro In Cans

When the Farmers Market season started this year, we rolled out (literally!) our Nitro cart, to introduce y’all to the goodness that is Nitro infused cold brew coffee.  By the way, say hello to Aislinn, aka, Nitro Girl. 🙂


We kegged up some cold brew, added a cylinder of Nitrogen, and a secret infusion contraption that makes the magic happen. Suddenly, out of the tap comes chilled, cold brew coffee, teeming with tiny nitrogen bubbles- so many in fact, that it looks darn like cream in your coffee.  But then it starts cascading in waterfalls down the side of the glass and you’re just mesmerized watching the thing!  The nitrogen gives the already smooth cold brew an even creamier texture, and dang, I’m just gonna have one right now!


So we thought, heck, putting this joy into cans would allow us to take it home with us, or on weekends or just on the road.  Now we can get the full Nitro coffee effect whenever we’re ready for a cold one.  Yep, we just re-defined “cold one.”  (Its a free for all out here in creativity land!)

I can’t tell y’all how exciting it is to put out a really innovative product like Nitro Coffee in cans.  Our good friends at Raleigh Brewing were so helpful, more than helpful, they completely facilitated this goodness and here we are! Thanks Alex and RBC.


Watch for more videos, and periscope adventures in the coming weeks, and post some of your own on our facebook page, however you do that….  We’ll figure it out. We always do.

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VIDEO: Making Oak City Nitro at Raleigh Brewing