New Year, New Beginnings!

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New Directions!

What’s new with you?! …A lot, right?!   There’s so much new this new year, it’s like we’re starting all over again!   But here are two big ones from our list of new.


New Roastery!

We were asked to find a new location at the end of last year, and we landed down on US70 just outside the beltline.  So, while we’re still roasting surprising, high-scoring coffees, we are temporarily not downtown.  That messes up our labels for the time being, but we’ll be catching up with that… Here’s our tight new location.


There are so many beautiful origins to bring you!  This year, we’re introducing two new coffees before Spring.  As always, these are unique coffees that you may not discover elsewhere, but we know you’ll love.  Stay tuned for the delicious news, but here’s a tidbit. Our new Rwandan offering fulfills our dual passion for exceptional coffee and rewarding the labor of courageous people. Watch for our blog post about this coffee “Redemption”- how coffee has become redemption for Rwanda.


As always:

Thank you for discovering Oak City Coffee. We love you!