Nzuvo AB

Mbeya Region Coffees:

Village/District: Idunda, Mbozi

From the Southern Tanzanian Highlands, 25 individual small land-holders contributed to this coffee lot.  Their farm sizes vary between 1-5 acres.   Since 1996, the farmers have benefited from the use of a Central Pulpery Unit, around which they have formed a co-operative society called Nzuvo.  Since then they have improved their coffee quality and gained more presence in the marketplace.  At the start, they received training in quality from both Technoserve and Kilicafe.  They are on their own now, and have produced this fine lot of coffee.

About this region:
The Mbeya area is situated around the town of Mbeya, which is most inland- 10 hour drive from Dar es Salaam on the east coast near Zanzibar through a few wils animal parks and baobab valley, or just 15 hours southwest of Nairobi, Kenya.   Expect a lot more outstanding coffee from this region of Tanzania in the near future.