Grace Chesang

Grace Chesang – Mother, Kabum Coffee Grower

We are proud to love… I mean, roast this coffee for you. I can’t help it. I love this coffee!  Kabum coffee from Mt. Elgon, Uganda, is spectacular!

It’s pleasantly flavorful with tangy chocolate and tropical fruit. This is a full-bodied, bold, strong cup of coffee. And by the way, Kabum is the winner of the 2013 Taste of Harvest coffee competition in Africa, and placed second in 2014!

And may we quickly add – because its just too important to miss – that as a long-term inititative, Kabum is changing the economy and the region for the people of Mt. Elgon.  Today, coffee farmers working with Kabum are earning four times what they were ever able to earn before from coffee!  When you buy Kabum, you’ve quarupled their income!