Franklin Garbanzo

Franklin “Franco” Garbanzo is the unsung hero of a small community in the mountains of Tarrazu, Costa Rica.  Nestled on top of a little mountain sits La Violeta, a small “beneficio” or coffee processing mill.  This mill was started by 14 farmers in the valley of La Violeta 10 years ago.
But Franco was still worried over how these 14 farmers were victims to the ups and downs of the coffee market.  The only way to find real value for their coffee was to connect with the retail market.  Today they are taking their innovation to a new level at the Oak City Coffee Farmers Market.
With a contagious smile and positive energy that drives his love of all things coffee, Franco’s knowledge of his craft is from the plant to the cup.  Better in his words to describe his passion for his coffee:  “When you’re brewing the coffee, oh the smell it wakes me and then I taste it, oh it’s like caramel, it’s fruity, it’s chocolatey, mamma mía, I need it during the day because it keeps me going, it’s like caramel, it’s chocolatey, by just brewing it, wow, what a coffee.”  (Huge smile included!)