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Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region is known to produce the most unique coffees in the world!  The natural, or dry, process starts with the harvested coffee fruit, with the beans still inside.  They are spread out in the sun to dry on raised beds.

All that fruit goodness gets into the beans in a way that takes what might be a common or even below average coffee, and raises it to be a coffee rock star.  Our source for this coffee is the Kochere washing station in the Yirgacheffe region.

This year’s crop of naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia was a little late in coming, but definitely sure to please coffee adventurers!  I say coffee adventurers because it’s a totally unique coffee- with dark fruits on the front end, and a wine-like finish.  Its smooth and mild and, just like last year, makes a refreshing iced coffee!  We do our cold brew with some Kabum and Antigua to round it out, but the Yirg is such a strong flavor element, only a quarter of the total mix yields refreshing joy!