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What do you get when you cross business with compassion? …You could get a business solution to a social need!

Last year we started a partnership with the Good Shepherd Children’s Home and Medical Clinic in Xela, Guatemala (14.84N, -91.44W). We roasted and sold coffee here in the US from a farm nearby the work in Guatemala, and returned profits to Good Shepherd.  That was pretty beneficial, but we kept thinking of ways to produce even more benefit.

Our latest idea is to start a small coffee roasting business right there at Good Shepherd, to be run by staff.  There are many teams that come from the US over the course of the year.  They help with the ongoing work there, and hold babies 🙂  We’re pretty sure a lot of them will like to buy high quality, freshly roasted Guatemalan coffee.

So, friends of the ministry paid for, and yours truly carried a small coffee roaster from the US, along with fittings, bags, labels- everything needed to get started roasting and selling coffee.  But where would we get the coffee from?


Well, we’ve become friends with the Alfaro family who own a coffee farm in Huehuetenango (a renowned coffee growing region that’s just a couple of hours away).  So that made buying exceptional local coffee pretty easy.  The whole family drove down during our visit to deliver a truckload of coffee.  This project is off to a great start!  By the way, you can see the writeup of our visit to the Alfaro’s farm here:


We’re just bursting at the seams with empowerment for others!  This little automatic coffee roaster can roast about 2.5 lbs of coffee per batch. Every member of every visiting team can now buy freshly roasted coffee.  100% of the proceeds from this coffee goes to helping meet the costs of the Children’s Home and Medical Clinic.  Sweet, huh?

If this gives you a poke in your heart to do something awesome, it’s only because that’s what you were made for! Give us a call. Let’s be awesome.