Bluegrass Comes to Raleigh

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This year, Raleigh was chosen by the International Bluegrass Music Association, IBMA, to host Wide Open Bluegrass – their annual week-long celebration of Bluegrass.  We’re co-sponsoring the event at the Hospitality & Tourism booth – at the Convention Center Bluegrass Pavillion on Saturday Sept 28, from 2 PM – 3 PM…  AND… by providing coffee to the artists backstage at the Longview Center every night Sept 24 – 28.  You can see these shows for free with backstage passes by signing up to keep the coffee fresh at

While I listen to Sigur Ros at the Red Hat Amphitheater as I type this, the two musical styles could not be farther apart.  One thing’s for sure, we’ll never be a boring town!

Here’s three things you’ll need to know about the World of Bluegrass that is happening all next week.  There are three unique things going on all week long.

The Bluegrass Ramble

This is back to back bands playing every night in seven venues across downtown Raleigh.  The Lincoln Theater (126 E Cabarrus St), Longview Center (118 S Person Street), Tir Na Nog (218 S. Blount Street), The Pour House Music Hall (224 S. Blount Street), Upstairs at Kings (14 W. Martin Street), upstairs at The Architect Bar & Social Club (108 ½ E. Hargett Street), and at Raleigh Convention Center- top floor ballroom.  Whew!  Some of the artists are playing at several venues each night, so you’re sure to run into them walking between locations.  Wanna know who’s playing where?

The Main Events– Sep 27th and 28th

Ticketed performances at the Convention Center and Red Hat Amphitheater on Friday and Saturday

StreetFest – this is awesome!

Fayetteville Street is closed off, and from 10 AM til 10 PM on Three Stages, there are free, open air concerts going on, a beer garden, dance tent- its like an all day food truck rodeo with music, dancing, pick up jams, and 30,000 people!

One last thing.  If you’re coming to the Downtown Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, there’s a music tent, and I can’t tell you who, but c’mon!  – everybody in Bluegrass is in town this week!  You should definitely come and expect to be entertained!