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Recently, the City Cups concept was recognized with an award for the most integrative program idea of the year.  Guess that makes us “Award-winning City Cups” now!   An integrative work program is one that makes a meaningful place for people with special needs – integrating them into the work flow.

In our case, we didn’t take a product, and adapt our production to accommodate workers with special needs.  We actually created the product, and built the entire work flow around our workers and their capabilities!   It’s all theirs!


I believe this is compassion in business.  Compassion can change the whole world to meet a need, and if it can’t change the world, it can create a new one!  Compassion is unstoppable!

City Cups is a business solution to a social need.  It is single serve coffee, in recyclable pods, entirely made by adults with autism and other special needs.  This is also our evidence to the world that God is good.  It’s really HIS idea to create compassionate solutions for the needs of the ones He loves.  It’s the love of God.  It wins awards!

NCARF is the North Carolina Association of Rehabilitation Facilities.  Wake Enterprises is one of many facilities across North Carolina that operates in an effort to provide vocational opportunities to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We partner with them to make City Cups.