Craft-Roasted Coffee for the City of Oaks.  

Raleigh is full of coffee lovers, so we thought it was time we had our own coffee. Memorable coffees, sourced directly from farmers in Central America and Africa. We think as the people of Raleigh, we deserve our own coffee, roasted right here, and provided in a way that makes us all proud of our city. Our long term goal is to make a positive impact- both in our community, and in communities where our coffees are grown. We started out with three world-changers in our lineup with more on the way. Its all part of our mission to “Love Locally, Love Globally.”

Love Locally, Love Globally

Given the chance, we want to be the solution to issues in our community! So we’re taking a spin on the phrase “think globally, act locally.” It’s not just about good tasting coffee, we’re in this to make a difference in our city and the world.

Locally:  Starting inside our own company, we’re including adults with special needs in our packaging operations. We think that’s a way to be a compassionate part of our community. We’re not the first to do this, but our vision is to be part of a business community that directly addresses needs in the community. We envision a company making impact by structuring in compassion. In the future, we see a new kind of business involvement with the community through an awesome concept- Business Solutions to Social Needs.  Imagine a business that uses it’s resources for direct startup support for other small businesses in under-served and hurting communities- we have lots of that around us. Stay tuned to our blog for developments in Raleigh and abroad. We want to inspire connection, pride, and all around awesomeness inside this company and throughout Raleigh.

Globally:  It’s possible to pay farmers directly for quality coffees, and at rates above fair trade prices. That’s how to end poverty – and ending poverty changes the world! It’s possible to do this and still make a profit. Our goal is to prove what’s possible by structuring generous trade practices into the metrics for the company. In coffee growing regions where we do business, we’ve already started a small roasting business in Guatemala to support an orphanage there, and we’ve teamed up with others for health and development projects that improve quality of life. We’re gaining momentum, and hope to create opportunities where none existed before. You’ll be hearing more about that as time goes on, but there’s only one way we see this business ending up- benefiting everyone we do business with.

The Simple Business

We provide a reliable supply of freshly roasted, exceptional coffees from around the world to wholesale and retail coffee lovers.


We are simply about your success.  We are here to support your company’s vision by providing memorable coffees and in-store signage and messaging. You’ll find us extremely responsive, with weekly deliveries of freshly roasted coffee:  high quality single origins, and special blends to meet your needs, and private custom labeling for your coffee as well.


1. Order from this website – with Free Delivery inside Raleigh!    We deliver on Fridays only.  Thank you for your patience  🙂

2.  Saturday Farmers Markets at the North Hills Mall (April-October).

3. Sorry, but we no longer have Saturday shop hours- it was awesome, but for the time being, we’re unable to support that level of greatness…


Our bottom line… 

We roast because we believe…

We believe we can change the balance…  by putting more goodness into the equation.  In every way we can do that.  From filling the air of Raleigh with the cheerful aroma of roasting coffee, to creating opportunities, or directly addressing felt needs here and abroad, we’re adding good.

Coffee is the world’s most shared connection.  Can it be a medium for cultural exchange?  For understanding?  For good?   We believe it can.

Will our coffee make the world a better place?

We think so.

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