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Compassion is Awesome.  It’s a person who sees a need and responds with something creative and good, and that makes a difference.

I want to talk about why we’re including adults with special needs in the operations of the company.   I think this is a way to express compassion in the community- to share in the challenges of many families in this city, and to actually build it into the company.  For families faced with a lifelong commitment to caring for a family member with special needs, it’s a way to say we see you, and care.  For the person with special needs, well, they want to find a place in the world just like you and me.  It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to provide that, but it does take an intentional decision to do so.  We’ve made that decision and we hope to help others make it as well.  We’re not the first to do this, but wouldn’t it be good to see more of it?

This week, we packaged our first 30 bags of coffee in bags made by a developmentally challenged woman, who makes perfect coffee bags… and she loves her new job!  It’s pretty fulfilling to know that.   I can see a future where businesses in Raleigh and the Triangle get a hold of this idea and start implementing expressions of compassion to the community as part of their bottom line.  I’m sure the opportunities are all around if one will see them, and decide that their business can be an instrument to bring something meaningful.  If that happened, it would change the city.



There’s something in the core of this company where we want to prove what’s possible- by attempting it.  It’s possible for a business to be a means of expressing compassion in the community.  This is not something business is known for.  That’s sad.  As a new business owner I’ve discovered that you get to decide everything you want your business to be.  With this realization, I want to use my business make an impact, in fact, to change the world.  We’re starting by building in compassion.

In my church, we sometimes talk about how Love looks like something.  It lands somewhere.  It can change outcomes.  This is what it looks like to me, bringing more Love from Heaven, because the world needs more of that.  Expressing compassion is an overlooked grace that’s powerful in effecting real change, and I hope to have something measurable to report in time.  As a business you can build your structure to include this.  If the business was not founded that way, it can be restructured to include it.  That’s possible.  We’re proving it.


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