2017 Outlook

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Maybe we’re just unstoppably optimistic.  Whatever the reason, we feel good about what’s ahead in 2017, and we want to take you along.


All of 2016 we dawdled around in fun-land, with creations like Nitro Coffee on tap at our Rolling Coffee Bar and in cans (First in Raleigh!), Sparkling Iced Chai Tea on tap , getting on Amazon, and other fun stuff. Essentially, EVERYTHING!  But this year we’re actually setting our sights on some of the things instead of all of the things.  We’re looking forward these things:

Taking CITY CUPS to the next level

You might already know CITY CUPS are our own single-serve coffee pods, entirely made by adults with autism.  We created this product to provide special people with special needs with real, meaningful work.  If there’s a core value around here, it is Creating Business Solutions to Social Needs.   We’ve been at the proof-of-concept phase all of 2016.  So, for 2017 we want to make this product available to the marketplace (grocers) at a wholesale level.     That means we need higher speed equipment.   If you share the vision for the CITY CUPS mission, maybe you’d like to be a part of this. We are looking for a partner or two!  Contact us at 919.623.5223, or oakcityroasters@gmail.com


Focus on Coffee Quality and Variety

Everyone loves great coffee!  …and no one loves OK coffee… We want you to LOVE your coffee!  We’ve found some great sources this year (This season’s Yirgacheffe has amazing blueberry notes we’ve been looking for for years!) and we want to put a lot more effort into making Oak City Coffee exceptional.  Possible farm visits are in the wind… nothing nailed down, but the closer we can be to our coffee, the more we think you’ll love it!

Continually Seeking Awesomeness

That’s not just fun to say, we live it and love it!  Just this week I discovered Mike Adams, who has mapped the table of elements to the musical scale, and written music so you can hear your chemistry!  Mind Blown!  We might not come up with something this beautiful, but we are definitely after it!

Never stop innovating, Never stop being amazed!  And take some great coffee along on the adventure!